What are ORBS?
Well they certainly aren't camera errors.  
Orbs are  360 degree bodies of light.  That is what we all are when we are pure consciousness.  
They are entities from other galaxies or parallel time lines, observational orbs, other beings or vortexes.

What does it mean when we see them in our pictures?
These entities are observing us.  Possibly it is someone you knew or someone you are going to know.  Or, they are deciding
to incarnate to this plane of demonstration, so they can evolve their spirit.

We are all learning something, no matter where we are or what we look like!

Why can't we see them without a camera?
Once your frequency rises up the light scale, you will !!!   
Take pictures, observe that they are there and your level of acceptance will become greater.   Once you are ready, you will
see them everywhere.

If you are seeing the orbs, you will also be seeing the bands (or aura) of a person, plant or animal.
Links to other orb sites:
This is the first day of the new year, 2006, preparing to walk on 1200 degree hot coals.  I took a
few digital pictures to see who else was watching this process.  
All I could say was WOW after seeing this shot, taken before the fire
walking began.  Close ups of a few of the orbs are below.
We are all preparing to KNOW we are more than our physical body, and the rest
of the entities are showing us it is true.
Here are some wonderful entities at Joyce
Kilmer Memorial Forest.  Notice how  one of
them is mimicking the environment (lower left
This is the first time I ever caught an orb that was showing it's color with my own camera.  The
picture was taken after the healing discipline that Ramtha teaches.  12.23.05
Close-up, and very beautiful indeed
Here is the
close up of
this orb.  
This picture was taken after  C&E and
focus on my list on 1-8-06
C is for Consciousness
Here are some orbs I have chosen from many different evenings
This is an enlargement of the small
orb obove the gold one.  Is that a face?
another face
another face
A change in the magnetics of the room, caused by a shift that occurs
when performing meditative disciplines.  The first set was taken about
an hour after such a discipline.
These were taken after C&E discipline and meditation experience, the phenomena continued for over an hour.
What do you see
here?  This was
the first time there
were visitors  
reflecting in the
Lots of visitors this evening
Orbs of many colors in this
shot, from many dimensions.  
Orange, Violet, Gold, & Green.  
Close-ups of the
picture to the left
These 4 are from the full moon on 5-12-06, WESAC, Buddha's birthday on
the  Blue Ridge Parkway and yes, I did sing happy birthday to Buddha
enlargement of orb to the left
from my sisters back yard
Click on the pictures to enlarge once the browser window opens
Facebook has a large community of people who are sharing their experiments with orbs