Here are some examples of crystals and the Chakras with which they work, along with what they are used for on a
spiritual, physical, mental or emotional level.

The 1st Chakra (the Base or Root Chakra):

The main colour of this Chakra is red, although other colours such as brown and black also work. Examples of crystals which
can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Bloodstone - helps decision making and unselfishness. Can improve talents and creative abilities. It also helps to dispel
bewilderment. Bloodstone helps purify the blood and aids treatment of the spleen, liver, bladder & intestines. It can balance
blood flows and aid rashes, leukemia and failing eyesight.
* Red Jasper - can help you to learn to progress and also allows you to remember dreams more clearly. Helps prevent
setbacks and can soothe the nerves. It can also aid loss of smell and help treat tissue deterioration in internal organs.
* Obsidian - a good 'grounding' stone for meditation. Protects from both physical and emotional harm. It brings purity by
balancing body, mind and spirit. . It can also help clear the eyes and aid disorders of the veins and skeletal structure.

The 2nd Chakra (the Sacral or Spleen Chakra):

The main colour of this Chakra is orange. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Carnelian - good for stabalising energy in the home. Protects from envy, fear and rage and can be used to dispel apathy. It
can remove negativity from other stones. It can help in the treatment of neuralgia, colds, gall & kidney stones and pollen
allergies. It also aids disorders of the spine, spleen and pancreas.
* Gold Topaz - Like a battery, Topaz can recharge your energies. It enhances your relaxation and feelings of peace and calm.
Also it acts to initiate faith and can attract people to you. It can aid disorders of the liver, endocrine glands and the bladder.
* Amber - can help one to choose and also be chosen. It is said to bring good luck in battle, most likely because of it's
protective qualities. It cleanses its surroundings and helps to purify mind, body and spirit. It can help diseases of the throat,
and aid the kidneys and bladder.

The 3rd Chakra (the Solar Plexus):

The main colour of this Chakra is yellow. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Gold Tigers Eye - Good for meditation as it instills peacefulness and can also enhance psychic abilities and intuition.
Encourages optimism and a positivity for life. Good for stimulating wealth. It can help problems with the eyes, throat,
reproductive system and bowel cramps. It can also aid night vision and help mend broken bones.
* Citrine - It is said to help income if placed in your till or cash box. It can help dispel fear and brings a great sense of
happiness & comfort. It can be helpful in the resolution of group/family problems. Also it is good for circulation and to help
digestive disorders. A very positive stone. Cleansing and helps instil cheer, upliftment and positive decision making.
* Gold Calcite - is an energy amplifier and releases electrical pulses when under pressure. It helps the user to remember,
especially in meditation, and is a great aid to study (particularly the arts and sciences). It can also clear and activate the Chakra
it is working with. Helps the spleen, pancreas & kidneys to function properly and can also aid decalcifying bone growths.

The 4th Chakra (the Heart Chakra):

The main colour of this Chakra is green. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Jade - said to bless what it touches. Used as a protection from ill health and attack. Inspires ambition and releases blockages
to allow you to attain your goals and dreams. A confidence booster. Can stimulate the adrenal glands and help regulate the
metabolism. Also helps with colic and aids the body when it is under stress.
* Emerald - can enhance the memory and its capacity. Good for meditation as it regulates breathing. An excellent stone for
happy, harmonious relationships and also brings loyalty. Helps you to focus and be practical about life. Also said to bring
favourable results in legal matters. It soothes the eyes and can help treat the spine, heart, lungs and muscles.
* Rose Quartz - this may seem to be out of place as the crystal is, as its name suggests, pink in colour and not green, however
Rose Quartz is the 'Crystal of Love' so it is ideal for use with the Heart Chakra. It helps you to love and to be happy with
yourself and others. It heals emotional wounds and brings peace and trust to relationships.

The 5th Chakra (the Throat Chakra):

The main colour of this Chakra is blue. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Sodalite - eliminates confusion and encourages trust in oneself and others. Allows you to realise and speak your true
feelings. Can dispel insomnia and aids purification of the body, helping digestive disorders and glandular problems. Also helps
with calcium deficiency.
* Kyanite - similar to the Boji Stone™, Kyanite will automatically balance, clear and align all the Chakras. It is very calming and,
therefore, good for meditation. It can help the throat and also with communication.
* Turquoise - a protective stone and an excellent healer. It is also a good 'grounder' and can therefore protect and keep you
level-headed during meditation. When used with the Throat Chakra it will help with communication of emotions and intuition.
An all-round healer that can help strengthen the entire body. Helps to fight all illness, and is especially good for eyes, throat
and headaches.

The 6th Chakra (the Third or Psychic Eye):

The main colour of this Chakra is indigo/purple. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Sapphire - said to be the stone of prosperity. It eases frustration. Blue Sapphire aids communication and helps develop
psychic abilities. Enables you to interact comfortably and beneficially with others. Relieves blockages and gets rid of negative
energies. It can also help with disorders of the blood and brain.
* Lapis Lazuli - enhances wisdom and expands awareness. It can help you understand your dreams and provides clarity of
mind, body and spirit. Aids the organisation of a daily routine. It can relieve depression and protect from psychic attacks.
* Azurite - good for psychic development and discussion. Relieves any blockages and worries to allow you to progress in
which ever direction you need to go. Gives confidence & inspiration, and enhances relaxation, so making meditation easier to
achieve. It helps disorders of the bones and circulation. Clears unwanted toxins from the body.

The 7th Chakra (the Crown Chakra):

The main colour of this Chakra is violet/white. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Clear Quartz - a good 'all round' healing, energizing and balancing crystal. It dispels negativity. Very good for the mind in
meditation and spiritual development. Helps ease pain. Can aid vertigo, circulation, fever and glandular swelling. Can help to
eliminate toxins, it can also benefit digestion, bladder and kidneys.
* Amethyst - one of the most popular crystals, probably because it has such a calming effect. Clears negativity from the body
and also from its surroundings (which is why it is suggested that you place a piece of Amethyst near your television to
disperse unwanted electro-magnetic energy. However we feel that black tourmaline is the best thing for this purpose as
amethyst can be too brittle and end up breaking). Excellent for meditation, spiritual & psychic work and will help protect you
from harm. It can aid the nervous system and hearing disorders. Also good for headaches and relieving insomnia. The
digestive tract, stomach, heart, skin and teeth can also benefit.
* Purple Fluorite - brings order to every part of your being (i.e. mind, body, emotions and spirit). Helps you to understand the
balances essential to all relationships and can help attain physical perfection. It cleanses & purifies and helps dispel the
symptoms of cold, flu, infections and ulcers before they take hold. Also used to treat tumours in their early stages. Can help
the bone structure by strengthening cells.

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