Full Spectrum Network
"Service to Others"
This page is dedicated to unity, oneness, community, and individual creativity.    These businesses are  in our
'neighorborhood'.  Thank you !
A children's clothing business that empowers children and inspires parents to raise extraordinary children with
unlimited potential.
This really is a unique Web Radio station!   One where you hear fabulous knowledge from famous persons as well as ordinary
people from around the world who are attempting and accomplishing the extraordinary, where listeners become guests!
Help us grow this Quantum Community with the intent of raising world consciousness.   Knowledge is power and each person
who gains knowledge is powerful beyond imagination!

This is the only station in the world  that you can listen to the teachings of Ramtha the Enlightened One.  Nancy and Elena air
one teaching a week 4 times a day to accomodate all time zones.   Here is a sampling of the guest list:  JZ Knight, Greg
Simmons, Mike Wright, Dr. Miceal Ledwith, Father Charlie Moore, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Paul Von Ward, Dr. David
Hawkins, M.R. Franks, Sit Laurence Gardner, Richard Thieme, and Gates McKibben.   
Michael Knight and James Gilliland team up to make one heck of a movie.  It combines science, spirituality, and proof that
off world entities are making contact.  Michael also has an Earth Changes Newsletter, he always packs it full of good info.
Stop Putting All That Cash Into Your Gas Tank:
What would it mean to you and your family if you could keep some of the money that you're spending on fuel every day? Where
could you spend that extra money? Saving is as easy as dropping a tablet into your gas tank!
Lotions, potions. luxury soaps, jewelry, and crystals.  Yummy!
Michelle Rogers is creating the logo for The Ripple Effect.  She is a fabulous visionary artist !
Solar Ovens, and other healthy stuff for body, mind, home, and pets.  Don't miss this page on the website, it
holds special meaning for this business owner  
Capturing the gifts of the moment with digital photography.  You can order these prints with or without framing.
Hats, T-shirts, framed art prints, mugs, greeting cards and much more.  
Give your body the resource it needs to eliminate toxins and maintain a disease free body mass pH of 7.7
Musical Education, Composition, Articles, Practice Tips
This is a store where you can purchase powerful orgone devices that transmute negative energy continuously.
Start Cooking with the Sun's Rays!  With our planet changing as quickly as it is, and a growing interest toward
emergency preparedness and energy savings, this is an essential item to keep in any household, trailer, or apartment.