To put the world right in
order, we must first put the
nation in order; to put the
nation in order, we must first
put the family in order; to put
the family in order, we must
first cultivate our personal
life; we must first set our
hearts right.
~ Confucius
Stepping Stones to Releasing Old Attitudes
"PSYCH-K™ is a user-friendly way to rewrite the 'software' of your mind in order to change the 'printout' of your life.   "Robert.
M. Williams, M.A. Originator of PSYCH-K™
If your life feels like you're trapped in a prison of limitations, or you're just not living up to your full potential, chances are you
have a conflict between your conscious desires and your subconscious beliefs. This kind of conflict shows up in relationships,
self-esteem, spirituality, health and body including weight loss, prosperity, personal power and grief and loss.
Heart-Centered Therapy Modalities
Hypnotherapy (includes a dramatic combination of traditional hypnosis, NLP and Ericksonian techniques, together with TA and
Gestalt approaches, Hypno-Behavioral Therapy and cathartic energy work)
Breath Therapy (sometimes called "conscious connected breathing" integrates one's affective, somatic and spiritual
experience with emotional healing)
Energetic Psychodrama (an awesomely powerful form of psychodrama that incorporates hypnosis and somatic work)
Subtle body energy work and Soul Psychology (work with and heal the causes of emotional and physical imbalance where they
first manifest, in the energy field) and
Heart-Centered Meditation (Kundalini chakra meditation)
A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system. As a three-volume curriculum consisting of a Text,
Workbook for Students, and Manual for Teachers, it teaches that the way to universal love and peace—or remembering God—
is by undoing guilt through forgiving others. The Course thus focuses on the healing of relationships and making them holy.

A Course in Miracles also emphasizes that it is but one version of the universal curriculum, of which there are "many
thousands." Consequently, even though the language of the Course is that of traditional Christianity, it expresses a non-
sectarian, non-denominational spirituality.
What is Kabbalah of Light?
Kabbalah of Light is the core practice of monotheistic spirituality that accesses the true language of the mind - image. Through
this practice, you will discover the natural power called imagination, a talent within you that enables you to reach the highest
level of spirit possible.

What does Kabbalah of Light offer?
Through awareness and practice of Kabbalah of Light, you will be able to be become the master of yourself. You will find the
integration and balance you are looking for, combined with inordinate self-awareness and intuition. Kabbalah of Light allows
you to bring a therapeutic impulse into this world to heal it and yourself.
The Release Technique is a revolutionary scientific discovery that unlocks the science of the mind to eliminate subconscious
mental viruses which cause our bodies to become ill and cause us to block abundance in our lives—now achieve optimum
health and great wealth easily!
The Institute's research efforts align closely with principles originally set forth by the eminent William James - research being
the exploration of reality through the crucible of experience. The experience of focused consciousness interests us. Bob
Monroe felt that focused consciousness contains solutions to the questions of human existence. First-person experience and
state-specific research of these focused states of consciousness provide answers and promote the propitious evolution of

Reiki consists of two Japanese words: Rei and Ki. Rei means universal and Ki, also referred to as Chi, means vital energy. So,
Reiki means vital energy from the universe. In general, Reiki is a technique on how to channel universal vital energy to
oneself and others.

Reiki is not something magical. The basic principle on how Reiki energy heals is very similar to how healing works in
acupuncture. We know that every living being has energy within and around the body to be alive. This energy is called Chi
(vital energy) and it is vital for the physical body to exist. The physical body usually has problems because the energy does not
flow properly. By stimulating the energy to flow properly as it is supposed to, the natural ability of the body to heal itself will be
able to function again, and the physical body will recover. Reiki healing is able not only to stimulate the energy to flow properly
but also to cleanse the energy within and around the body to speed up the healing process.
The Journey to the Soul is an in-depth transformational voyage into the deepest, most wholesome, and refreshing sources of
meaning and purpose in your Life.  

The Journey to the Soul is a perfect opportunity to relax into a community of spiritual partners and learn experientially about
authentic power – what it is, why it is important, and how to create it.  It is the most powerful single event that the Seat of the
Soul Institute offers.

Each session is led by Gary Zukav and/or Linda Francis, is relational, experiential, and grounded in everyday experiences.  The
purpose of the Journey to the Soul is to teach you in practical, easy-to-understand ways the tools that are necessary to create
a life of more joy and less pain, to move into your full potential, and to give the gifts that you were born to give.
Caroline is dedicated to creating educational programs in the field of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health,
energy medicine, and advancing the science of medical intuition. Her medical intuitive readings expanded beyond gathering
data on health stress patterns to including the symbolic language inherent to each individual. As a result of that research,
Caroline was able to profile an individuals Sacred Contract, a complex of twelve archetypal patterns that reflected in mythic
language the agreements their soul made prior to their birth.
Candace Pert, Ph.D. researches "new paradigm" healing at the Georgetown University Medical School where she is a
professor of Physiology and Biophysics. Her research reveals how the "bodymind" functions as a single psychosomatic
network of information molecules which control our health and physiology.

She has been popularized by her appearance in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?, her appearance in Bill Moyer's TV
program Healing and the Mind, and her 1997 book Molecules of Emotion: the Science Behind Mindbody Medicine.
The Ridhwan School, founded in 1976 by A. Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) is an inner work school devoted to the realization of True
Nature. The desire to return to one’s true nature is an innate impulse within the soul which, in time, will manifest as the
spiritual search.

The school is oriented around the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization as developed by A. Hameed Ali. The Diamond
Approach utilizes a method of open-ended inquiry into one’s immediate experience as a means of liberating the soul from the
conditioned patterns of the past and the fixed ideas and beliefs about one’s identity and the nature of reality. This process is
often referred to in the school as the “Work”.
Body Intuition, Energy Healing, Reiki, Mineral Realignment, Massage Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Structural Therapy, Vibrational
Therapy, Ha breath, Body Intuitive Readings, Herbal Education (Native American and Hawaiian), Phone Sessions, Workshops