Mayan Inca Aztec Egyptian Prophecy 2012
This series combines science,
prophecy, and history from many
different sources and perspectives.  
Contact Has Begun trailer
I highly recommend the full video
This movie illustrates just one part
of how  new information about life
elsewhere is not given to the
public.  What else are those that
know... withholding?  
Esoteric Agenda
There are 5 parts to this video,
they are all worth checking out
Religious scriptures feel vague and unfulfilling. Science
feels unpredictable and incomplete. Politicians find
privacy behind the protection of National Security while
undermining the privacy of the people. Corporate
America has become Corporate Earth as every nation
sovereignty is being compromised by a few wealthy
families at the very top. Education is manufactured to
disguise the true history of the planet. Media is
manufactured to disguise the current events of the
planet. Sports and Entertainment distract and influence
emotions with sacred and subconscious geometry,
symbolism, color, and sound.
Nassim Haramein