Earth Change Observations
.  The links you will find on this page will help the reader have a broader awareness of what is happening with our climate and
our society in regards to earth changes.  Please use your own discernment but also be aware of your own belief system.  If you
are of the belief system that we are not experiencing radical earth changes, and that all is well with the financial and political
systems, then this is the page for you.  If you are already aware, this is a page you can refer to people so they can stretch their
personal & global awareness.
Awareness:  having perception or knowledge: CONSCIOUS, INFORMED.
Belief:  confidence, trust, SOMETHING BELIEVED.
Discernment:  to detect with the eyes:  distinguish, discriminate, TO COME TO KNOW OR RECOGNIZE MENTALLY, revealing
insight and understanding.
SELF AWARENESS is the key to understanding what you are observing in your reality and why you are observing it.   The
process of becoming self aware is just that, a process.  There are many different levels of awareness that we each go through
and the quest seems infinite, yet at the same time, it is WITHIN us.  We all have our own path to follow.  All paths change.  One
of the greatest gifts we give ourselves is to continue realizing.   By doing this, we expand our personal awareness.  We are all
ONE and are recognizing this at a deeper level within ourselves.  The moment is NOW!
WARNING:  ALL information evolves as our perception of the information changes and shifts to a new level of understanding.  
Be prepared for your 'big picture' to expand.
"Do not try and bend the spoon, that's
impossible. Instead only try to realise the truth.
There is no spoon,  then you'll see that it is not
the spoon that bends, it is only yourself".
- from The Matrix
There are many reasons why we should all live as sustainable as possible.  All you have to do is look out your window at the
footprints we are leaving on our planet.  If you have the awareness of:
Ancient Prophecies
The Earth's GeoMagnetic Field
Pole/Axis Shifts
Solar Flare Activity
Global Warming
The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt
and what happens to a planet when all those things begin to converge in a small window of time
then you will understand why we need to prepare to sustain ourselves away from the 'fast food get it at the grocery store'
lifestyle.  We must do this for ourselves.  We can not rely on our governing bodies to assist in these kinds of situations.  They
are already prepared and began their preparation around 40 years ago, probably longer.
Educate yourself and then take action.
The quality or state of being prepared
Suggestion:  Print any information that you think you may need if there is no power on the grid
Things You Can Do Right Now
...a few thoughts to consider...

1.  Smile more.  Why?  Because your brain has no idea if you are faking it or not.  This simple act floods your beautiful brain with
wonderful chemicals.  At this point, you are no longer thinking.

2.  Try and snap out of the information coma long enough to buy 10 extra cans of food a week. That is $10 or less if you watch
the sales.  In just 3 months you could have a months worth of food stored for two people.  And don't forget to spray those cans
with Pam or some other cooking spray.  This will prevent rusting, which will extend possible storage life.  You might also think
about storing things for trade or barter too.

3.  As you begin to collect seeds from the food you eat, you might want to also get yourself some organic garden seeds and find
some books on how to harvest and store seeds from your own garden.  Remember, when you make plans for this storage, you
may want to consider having seeds for different climates available.  And from this, if the weather patterns are fluctuating, you
will have a greater chance of a harvest.

4.  Dreams.  This may sound silly to some of you, but lots of people around the world right now are having dreams about water,
and other 'natural disaster sort of dreams.  I know this because I am one of them.  'The Mother' is sending us a message.  Write
those messages/dreams down.  You will be amazed at how much more detail is there once you begin to process it with the
writing modality.  

5.  If it isn't broken, don't try and fix it?  I am just going to jump out on a limb here and theorize that things actually need to be
broken.  By that I mean, we need to break our old habits, patterns and ways of thinking.  We, as a collective force, are getting a
wake up call.  Thought pollution is as much a part of earth changes as the melting ice.  Our thoughts have created quite a mess.
The great news?    We created the mess for a very specific reason.  We are all part of something greater, and we are all
beginning to realize it.

6.  Connect with nature more, as nature is our greatest teacher.  Wherever you live, nature sings all around you.  The squirrels
are doing what they do, birds are coming and going, the crickets are doing their thing at night.  You get the picture?  Pay
attention to the changes you see, or sense.  Use all of your senses.  By doing this, nature can be the flashing red light for you
when unexpected weather changes are  about to arrive.  

7.  Detox and Observing Energy.  This page is pretty much about the detox of our planet.  It is about how she is doing it, and you
may even see the reasons why, once you look at it from a more expanded view.  It is also about rewiring individual energy grids
or vibrating patterns.  We are like
Chladni's  Plates.  When the planet, and the universes, change frequency or vibration, we all
are affected.  So remember,  your body is mirroring the changes in your mind.  When minds change, the entire cellular mass of
the body has to catch up.

to be continued...
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